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California Bonsai Society's World Bonsai Day Exhibition 2020

The CBS World Bonsai Day Celebration proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that bonsai can bring people together. Even now, when the world is as divided as ever in so many ways, these little trees brought people from all over the globe to one place for the sheer joy of seeing bonsai.

There were over 600 trees entered from every corner of the planet. I am so proud to be a part of this universal community. Thank you so much to everyone that entered trees, viewed the bonsai, and voted with their reaction by way of the like button. I'm happy that we didn't have to pick the top 10 - it would be almost impossible. But together, you all did it.

Here are the top 10 trees based on the number of reactions by all that viewed and chose to express their response:

  1. At the Number one spot with 254 likes is Sergio Cuan for his Japanese White Beech.

  2. Number two was William Valavanis, with 249 likes for his Full Moon Maple.

  3. Number three was John Kirby and his Japanese White Pine with 218 likes.

  4. Number four was again Sergio Cuan's Eastern White Cedar with 213 likes.

  5. Number five was Tony Tickle with 195 likes for his Mugo Pine.

  6. Sixth place was Suthin Sukosolvisit for his Itoigawa Juniper with 192 likes.

  7. Seventh place was Suthin Sukosolvisit for his Japanese Black Pine with 191 likes.

  8. The eighth-place was Dan Barton and his Deshojo Maple with 190 likes.

  9. Number nine with 179 likes was Mark Cooper's Japanese White Pine.

  10. Number ten was Nicola Kitola Crivelli, with 177 likes for his Picea abies.

Congratulations to all of these artists. Again thank you, everyone, for making this a truly fantastic event.

Robert Pressler

President, California Bonsai Society

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