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Ben Oki Juniper with Ryan Neil of Bonsai Mirai: Auction Today 6pm PDT, 9/3/19

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Within any art form, there are pioneers and leaders who dedicate their lives to expanding, sharing, and elevating the knowledge of that art. Among the great North American bonsai pioneers, Ben Oki is a figure that stands out as an ambassador.

Ben’s contributions to bonsai continue to live on: his dedication to sharing education and fostering the next generation of practitioners was unrivaled. Now, his legacy grows even more significant with the creation of the Ben Oki Scholarship Fund through the California Bonsai Society.

To fund this scholarship for practitioners wanting to further explore their bonsai education, we will be auctioning a tree collected, styled, and historically maintained by Ben Oki, and most recently styled by Ryan Neil of Bonsai Mirai. All proceeds will go to the Ben Oki Scholarship Fund. The auction will begin at 6pm PDT, 9/3/19, coinciding with the airing of a video tribute to Ben Oki on Mirai Live. Help us carry Ben’s legacy forward as we pay tribute to a bonsai personality that elevated North American bonsai, and perpetuate Ben’s goal of spreading this art form and helping people to engage with it.

Today is the day! Video tribute to Ben OKi and the rebirth of this amazing bonsai starts at 6pm Pacific time- see it here Free 7 day membership to Mirai Live- Mirai Youtube- Mirai Facebook- Then immediately following the video starting at 630pm this tree will be auctioned to help fund California Bonsai Societies Ben Oki Scholarship Fund. Register, bid and or donate here- Please spread the word by sharing this post freely on all your social media platforms.

For Auction 6pm PDT, 9/3/19
Ben Oki Collected Juniper

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