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CBS World Bonsai Day Exhibit 2020

California Bonsai Society in celebration of world bonsai day is sponsoring a world wide Facebook Bonsai exhibition from May 1 - 9, 2020, for World Bonsai Day.

Since many of the bonsai exhibits around the world have been canceled this spring, CBS decided to conduct a world wide exhibit on the California Bonsai Society World Bonsai Day Exhibition Facebook Page

Everyone is invited to post a photo of one or more of your show quality trees. If possible bonsai should be displayed in front of a solid background. This is an exhibition so let’s have those trees on display tables and with accent plants where practical. This may be the only chance this year to really show off our best bonsai.  

This exhibit is open to anyone that wants to show a bonsai tree. Please do not enter trees in training to this exhibit. 

All submissions should be posted on the CBS Facebook page by creating a new post for each tree. Posts should include one photo of the bonsai from the front with a solid backdrop. Ideally on a display stand with appropriate accent. Name of tree species and name and country of artist.

The top 10 trees and artists as determined by likes from page visitors will be featured on the CBS website, Facebook page, and Instagram page. 

Entries can be posted starting May 1, 2020, with a 9 pm PST, May 9, 2020 cut-off time. Any inappropriate entries will be deleted by administrators.

Bob Pressler, CBS President

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