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CBS Ben Oki Bonsai Scholarship Fund

California Bonsai Society is proud to announce

The California Bonsai Society (CBS) has set up a scholarship fund to honor Ben Oki - a man who devoted most of his life to enjoying and sharing bonsai. Ben was happiest when he was sharing his knowledge or working on a tree. To honor that sharing spirit Ben had, we will be making two $1000 grants available to anyone in the bonsai community to be used to attend classes, workshops , study with a pro or other bonsai related educational activity. The winners will also need to do something to give back to the bonsai community- such as a club demo or on-line video showing what you learned, or some other method of giving back to the community. To apply, the applicant should send an email to:

In that email they should explain what they intend to do with the money to improve their bonsai skills and what they intend to and will commit to doing to give back to the bonsai community. Be creative.

Applicants who receive scholarships agree that in return for these funds within 15 days of completing class etc. they will provide CBS photos and a short write up of what they did with the funds to improve their bonsai skills that will be published on our website and in our newsletter. They will also have to come up with and complete a way of giving back to the community and commit to doing this.

The application period will be from May 1st through May 30th annually with the scholarships awarded on June 15th. Applications will be accepted from anyone in the bonsai community that can deposit a check from a US bank. Awarding of the scholarships will be by decision of a committee of California Bonsai Society Board members after going through all applicants. All committee decisions are final.

Everyone in the bonsai community is encouraged to apply for this chance to expand your own bonsai knowledge and to help contribute to the bonsai community.

Anyone interested in contributing to the scholarship fund as a way to honor Ben and to help promote bonsai is more than welcome to contact Robert Pressler -President of The California Bonsai Society at the above email. We are a privately funded 501c3 corporation so any contributions may be tax deductible.

Robert Pressler


California Bonsai Society

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